• Short Bio
  • Kyriakos Papageorgiou is a self-taught visual artist from Greece, born in Karditsa in 1982 and currently based in Volos. He graduated from the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean and has experience in web and graphic design. He began drawing digitally in 2008, and is focused on drawing and painting with traditional media, without being limited in these artistic expressions, since 2012.

    He's been collaborating with Artia Gallery since 2012.
    He is a member of Karditsa's Visual Arts Association since 2013.
  • Statement
  • "Enveloped in the fascination of patterns, abstract geometry and the beauty of imperfection and dysmorphic figures, I follow a path created by the subconscious and guided by the conscious, forming patterns, evolving them, transmuting them, observing them, following them and, finally, breaking them. I mostly deal with concepts that concern the average man and woman, clichés that hold their power in the truth of their existence: Love, death, relationships, friendship, safety, loneliness; stories with details left out in an attempt to hold back the cynic in my idea of romanticism. Sometimes, it's completely personal and self-indulgent. Sometimes, there's no story to tell... just making something is enough."
    ~ K.P.
  • exhibitions - events
  • solo
  • "entrance in lonesome dialogue", Mylos tou Pappa, Larissa, April 2015.
  • "When I have fears", at Myrό Gallery's Myrό Project Room, Thessaloniki, February - March 2015.
  • group (selection)
  • Group exhibition, "Unconscious Playground", part of the 1st European Arts and Mental Health Festival NEFELE, Bouzianis Museum, Athens, October 2016.
  • Group exhibition, "Portrait cabinet", CHEAPART, Athens, April 2016.
  • 2nd "Influence Festival", Municipal Market, Karditsa, May 2015.
  • Group exhibition by the artists of Karditsa's Visual Arts Association for the support of the research program of the University of Athens "Myrtis: face to face with the past", Εικαστικές Αναζητήσεις, Athens, January 2015
  • "The next day in the street...", group exhibition under the art symposium "δρυάδες 2014" at the KAZARMA Lake Resort & Spa, Lake Plastiras, July 2014.
  • "Platform Project @ ART-ATHINA 2014" with ARTIA GALLERY's collaborative work "WE 33ν", Palaio Faliro, May 2014.
  • "Απόδημος ελληνισμός", group exhibition under the "Μενελαΐδια" festival at the Thessalikon Grand Hotel, Karditsa, April 2014.
  • Show under the "Handmade Festival" at Labart, Volos, March 2014.
  • "Βιώματα", group exhibition by the artists of Karditsa's Visual Arts Association at the Municipal Gallery of Karditsa, March 2014.
  • 1st "Influence Festival", Municipal Market, Karditsa, March 2014.
  • Group sideshow during the exhibition "Myrtis inspires..." at the Municipal Gallery of Karditsa, February 2014.
  • Group exhibition by the artists of Karditsa's Visual Arts Association, Karditsa, January - February 2014.
  • "Platform Project @ ART-ATHINA 2013" with ARTIA GALLERY's collaborative work "WE 33", Palaio Faliro, May 2013.